The Push Press is an awesome full-body exercise that's a must-do in your Volleyball training regimen, ASICS GEL KINSEI 5 RUNNING SHOES,brought to you by ASICS Elite Volleyball Player Kerri Walsh Jennings and ASICS Fitness Expert Michelle Lovitt. Starting in a squat position, you'll thrust the medicine ball up over your head and raise from squatting to standing, and then back down again to repeat. Your legs, glutes, core, shoulders, and arms are all engaged with the Push Press, which is perfect for making your Block Jumps faster, higher, and more precise. The Three Way Lunge is an excellent way to improve your fast-twitch muscle fibers, and subsequently, your reaction time so you can get under that ball at a moment's notice. Speed, agility, and power in your lower body are key in every single match, so make sure and have this exercise in your volleyball training regimen. Core strength is of paramount importance in volleyball/beach volleyball, GEL NOOSA TRI 9 RUNNING SHOES,and the Suitcase Crunch is a great way to enhance those integral muscle groups that you'll be using for block jumps or any other technique where you'll be doing a full extension of your body.

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